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10 Tips To Destress and Reduce Lichen Sclerosus Flareups

10 Tips To Destress and Reduce Lichen Sclerosus Flareups

Does stress cause Lichen Sclerosus flareups? The effects of stress on LS have not been researched. However, my personal experience is that they are connected. Other women in public forums have also associated their Lichen Sclerosus flareups with their level of stress. In today’s hectic and scary environment it is important that we manage our stress and minimize our flareups.

The changes implemented to contain the coronavirus are affecting a lot of us. Children are out of school. There is a shortage of toilet paper, soap, and medicine in the stores. Sporting events and large gatherings are canceled. The fear of the unknown is also causing us stress.

This stress has caused my Lichen Sclerosus to flareup with intensity. My vulva is itching more intently. I am also developing fissures and possibly a blister. This is by far the worst flareup I’ve had since after I received my diagnosis. These flareups can raise anxieties and isolation which can lead to depression. This is one of the main reasons we need to create a support group! I have also included 5 daily things and 5 quick things we can do to minimize stress.

5 Daily Things To Do To Minimize Stress

  • Get Plenty of Sleep
  • Eat a Proper Diet and Drink Plenty of Water
  • Exercise
  • Put Your Priorities in Place
  • Laugh

5 Quick Stress Relievers

Get a Hug
Hugs are great. They release oxytocin which gives you higher levels of happiness and lower level of stress. So, grab somebody you like and give them a squeeze.

Try aromatherapy
Burn a candle, incense or diffuser and relax. Let the scent take you to a happy place and melt the stress away. Aromatherapy can help you feel energized, more relaxed and more present. So burn that stress away!

Do Some Artwork
Research shows coloring can focus your mind, especially when coloring complex patterns. Draw, paint or color. Either way, relax and let your mind wander.

Express Gratitude
Take stock of all the things you have to be thankful for. Studies show grateful people have better mental health, lower stress and better quality of life. Look on the bright side and brush that stress away.

Play with a pet, kids, significant other or friends. Enjoy that quality time and be in the moment. Let loose of the stress and just have fun!

If we do a few of these a day we will manage our stress and our Lichen Sclerosus flareups should minimize. At the very least we will be happier and enjoy the people around us more.

I hope you have an amazing week. Please reach out by email or leave me a voicemail. I can’t wait to speak to you!






By Kathy

I'm 42, a wife and mother of three. I have been suffering from Lichen Sclerosus since 2013. I started this podcast to build community and learn more about this incurable condition.

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